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The last minute we checked 3023 sites and sent 59 notifications
What's the buzz about?
Let's say you have a website. Are u sure it's active? 24/7? How do you know? The visitors would say if something is wrong? Really? Do you seriously think so? You know what, we can monitore your site.
What is monitoring?
We'll request your website every minute from the different parts of the world, copy the code and write down the time of answer. If the site doesnt answer or answer really badly, we'll inform you via e-mail or another way.
Why we are cheaper?
We dont use sms, you know sms cost money, in the end it cost you some money. Why should we pay to mobile operators? Lots of functions - it's not about us. We have developed a firm core and simple UI.
Sure,there is Pingdom
It looks great, but it's rather expencieve and the interface is vague. Go, have a look at the prices and try to figure out how to use it.
Who are you? Why should I trust you?
We are developers. We create “big” websites. We develop highload websites and know almost everything about Internet. And it`s a sure thing that we know how to check websites operability. We do care a lot about this project.
Do you promise that u will not screw up my downtime?
Well we can't guarantee it for 100%. Everything can happen, but we are gonn do our best. In any case, you'll get your money back if we screw up.
Where is SMS?
We dont use it. It's so oldschool and so expensive. Hope we will not need it.

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